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Let us lead you down the path of renting from Integrity Property Management

Integrity Property Management understand that moving home is stressful and it can be very difficult to find the right place with the right agent. That is why we are here to help you every step of the way from finding your perfect home to moving day and everything in-between.

01: Finding A Property

Use our fantastic website to find your new home by using the Property Search tab and by entering your requirements in the three filters to find your perfect property.

Once you have found the property you will need to arrange a viewing.

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02: Viewing Times

Your viewing will be conducted by one of our experienced lettings consultants, who can fill you in on all the information you need regarding the property and surrounding area.

We understand you may have a busy and demanding lifestyle so we offer flexible viewing appointments to fit in around you and your timetable whether that is after work or at the weekend.

Please make sure that all applicants are available for the viewing appointment as we cannot proceed otherwise!

03: Proceeding With A Property

Once you have found the perfect property you will need to inform your lettings consultant of your interest, at this stage we will need to take basic information from you about everyone moving in including; age, employment status, preferred move date and term of the tenancy.

We will ask you to complete the online application form. We will then discuss your interest with the landlord and when everything is agreed we will invite you to place a holding fee and proceed with our referencing.

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04: Holding Fee

To secure a property, you will need to pay a holding fee equivalent to one weeks' rent.

This must be paid by Direct Bank Transfer into our account as per the details that will be provided in your application email.

05: Deciding Your Tenancy Period

The first tenancy you sign will be for a fixed period, this is usually 6 months however we may offer a 12 month tenancy at the discretion of the landlord. This is known as an Assured Shorthold Tenancy.

After this fixed period, provided the terms of the tenancy have been adhered to, we will invite you to renew. Your renewal tenancy will be for a further 6 months, but will include a one month break clause which means you are required to give one months notice on or prior to your rent due date should you want to vacate the property.

06: Referencing

We must carry out various reference checks to ensure that you meet the criteria to be a tenant.

You will be required to fill out a straight forward application form regarding your current/previous residential address, current employer, bank details and provide bank statement or summary of accounts. We also require that you provide two supporting documents for identification purposes, one of which must include a photo such as a passport or driving licence and the other must contain your current address i.e. utility bill (this does not include a mobile phone bill).

We will be unable to proceed without this documentation. This is a standard procedure that every applicant must complete and the process can typically take anything from 24 hours to five days, there will be no need for you to contact us during this process as we will keep you up to date with your application and will be in touch if we require further assistance from you.

Once you have passed the referencing procedure, you will receive confirmation via our "Referencing Passed" email.

07: Guarantor

A guarantor may be required for tenants who do not meet our complete referencing criteria such as;

  1. An applicant who has recently moved to the UK and therefore cannot provide previous UK addresses
  2. Applicants annual salary does not satisfy the rental amount required
  3. Low credit score
  4. Adverse credit history
  5. Applicants who are students

A guarantor is usually a parent or relative that is willing to sign a deed of guarantee document stating they are then liable for the outstanding amount should the tenant default on the rent for whatever reason. The guarantor must be a UK resident and home owner and must complete the relevant paperwork. Please note the guarantor is only authorised to discuss financial matters relating to the tenancy.

08: Pre Check In Information

A few days before move in day, you will receive our "Pre-check in email" to arrange a convenient time to check in to the property using the date supplied when you placed your interest in the property.

This email should remind you to make the payment for your rent and deposit to reach us in time for your appointment.

The check in appointment will be conducted at the property.

Before you check in:
You will need to pay the rent and deposit in cleared funds to our bank account.

09: Rent

One month's rent is required in advance and as above must be paid in full before the tenancy starts and before we hand over the keys.

This amount must be paid in cleared funds; in the form of direct bank transfer.

Cheques and credit / debit cards will not be accepted.

10: Deposit

The deposit payable is usually equivalent to one months rent. This amount must be paid in cleared funds; in the form of direct bank transfer.

Cheques and credit / debit cards will not be accepted.

Your deposit will be registered with The Tenancy Deposit Scheme NI in accordance with government legislation.

11: Subsequent Payment Terms

Subsequent rent payments are then to be paid on a monthly basis by standing order on each subsequent month in respect to the original move in date.

For example, if you moved into the property on the 1st January, your monthly rent will be due on the 1st of each month thereafter.

We will provide you with a standing order form on the day you check in for you to sign which we will then send to your bank.

Please note: It is your responsibility to ensure your bank has set this up correctly to avoid missing your rent payment date, we recommend you contacting your bank 14 days after you check in to ensure the standing order mandate is set up correctly.

12: Inventory

Before you check in, we visit the property to conduct a full written & photographic inventory.

You will be supplied with this inventory upon check in, and then have 48 hours to check the inventory and inform us of any amendments that you find, we will then attach your email to the inventory you signed at the office and use this information when you come to check out of the property.

13: Utility Charges

All monthly rents are exclusive of utility charges; you will be directly responsible for any Gas, Electric & Water bills.

At the start of the tenancy, if we manage the property we will obtain and issue you with the current relevant meter readings and we will notify the relevant utility companies by email to assist them to set up your new accounts quickly and smoothly.

As the utilities are your responsibility we also advise that you contact the utilities companies yourself to ensure the account is set up correctly.

14: Telephone Line

If you require a telephone line you will need to register your own account with BT or whoever the provider may be.

You can discuss this with BT by dialling 150 from the UK.

It is your responsibility to terminate your account upon departure. Please be advised that we do not have an involvement with this so will not know if the installed line is active or not.

15: TV Licence

You are directly responsible for the payment of the TV licence at the property.

16: Property Inspections

We understand this is your new home; however as this is the landlord's property Integrity Property Management must carry out property inspections during your tenancy to ensure you are living in the property in the correct manner in accordance with your tenancy agreement.

This inspection will be carried out by a representative of Integrity Property Management; this also gives you the chance to raise any concerns or maintenance issues.

Any damage to the property will be documented with photographs.

17: Insurance

You are advised to obtain contents insurance for your personal possessions.

18: Maintenance Issues

During your time in the property you may come across maintenance issues which you will need to report to our office, this can be done via email to: .

Our office hours are:

  1. Monday 09:00 - 17:00
  2. Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
  3. Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
  4. Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
  5. Friday 09:00 - 17:00
  6. Saturday Closed
  7. Sunday Closed

19: Emergency Out Of Hours

  • In the event of an emergency arising outside of our office opening hours which are Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm, please call our office number and leave a voicemail message with details off the emergency and a contact number for yourself. One of our team will then be in contact with you.
  • Please note this service is only available if your issue is urgent and cannot wait until the next working day (complete loss of power which is not also affecting neighbours, loss of both heating and hot water, major un-stoppable leak). Calling the out of hours number with a non-emergency issue will incur a charge of £18.00 inc VAT.
  • If your emergency relates to an issue within your development but not inside your apartment, you will need to contact the building management company as our contractors have no authorisation to conduct works within communal areas or properties not managed by Integrity Property Management.

20: Leaks

Ensure you familiarise yourself with the below to make sure you don't need to panic should you come across signs of a leak;

  • Firstly, make sure you know where your stop tap is located. This should be detailed on your inventory. If you notice a leak coming from any fixtures or fittings within your apartment, you should immediately use the stop cock to turn off the water supply to the property before reporting the issue to our office.
  • If there is water entering your apartment from the property above, you will need to advise the upstairs residents to turn off their water and contact a plumber / their letting agent immediately.

    Unfortunately neighbouring properties are outside of our control therefore we have no authority to send contractors to these issues. This should then be reported to us during our normal working hours so we can follow up and ensure any consequential damage to your property is resolved.

    If there is no answer from above, your building management company can assist in stopping their water supply. Their contact details will be displayed within the development, usually on a noticeboard / sign near the entrance.

  • If you live in a house and encounter a leak caused by weather/heavy rainfall, any repairs will be weather dependent and can only be dealt with during normal office hours. In the meantime, you will need to use buckets etc to capture the water as it falls.

21: Lost Keys

  • If your issue relates to lost keys please contact a locksmith and call our office when it is next open to advise us you have had the locks changed and to arrange getting a management key to us.

22: Renewing Your Tenancy Agreement

We will contact you 6 to 8 weeks prior to the end of your current tenancy agreement to ascertain your intentions at the end of the tenancy agreement.

If you wish to renew your tenancy agreement we will send a renewed tenancy to you via E-Mail for e-signature no less than one month prior to your current tenancy agreement ending, failure to do so will result in the property automatically going back on the market.

Most importantly we want you to enjoy your new home, if we can be of any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the Integrity Property Management team.

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